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What is the Full form of Computer? Meaning and Definition with example

Check full form of Computer in this post. As you all know Computer is one of the legendary inventions of human kind which is helping us in completing our so many tasks at ease. You can store hell lots of data and you can do lots of work through a computer which is connected to the Internet. In this post we will discuss the Full Form of Computer, What is the Full Form of COMPUTER word to word.

Short History of Computer- In 1938 the United States Marine had developed the world first Analog computer which was used to use aboard a submarine. As time passed, the computers were developed from Analog Computer to Electronic computer. As time goes by, You will know more about it. You can use the computer at home as well as you can take it out with you, which we call a laptop. A laptop is a portable computer with inbuilt battery with all features that you get in Desktop computer.

full form of computer

Full form of Computer

Often we are asked about Computer like – What is the full form of computer? Especially during the start of our schooling at childhood. And yes it’s very necessary to know the full form of computer Because sooner or Later you are going to work on that. So, It’s good as soon you get used to it. So, We thought to create a post on this to help you guys know the Full form of Computer.

What is the Full Form of Computer-

  • C – Commonly
  • O – Operating
  • M – Machine
  • P – Particularly
  • U – Used For
  • T – Technical and
  • E – Educational
  • R – Results

In simple words, Commonly Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Education Result. Like I already told you it’s a device which helps you in your technical and Educational field. From simple Plus, Minus to any type of Complex calculation can be executed with the help of a computer in a second which help us save our time.

Computer works on Operating system, On Earth maximum of the computers, runs on Microsoft Windows operating system. You can download apps to complete your work. There are many brands which deal in Computer and Lenovo records the highest sale of Laptop/ Computers. It almost covers up to 23% off the total Computer market share sold worldwide. After that Dell/ Apple/ Acer/ Samsung etc comes.

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